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Deposit: 85USD

Residents: legal residents include all international students registered and PAID IN FULL the tuition, room and insurance fees at CPU, as well as international teachers employed by CPU. Dependents (legal spouse and children) of students and teachers who have attained legal status to stay in China may live in the same room with the consent of the International Office, with marriage/birth certificate scanned at Office 107 in advance.

The university provides one room for each resident, family housing is not otherwise provided. We do not provide room for those who: graduated from CPU, transferred to another university, quitted schooling, contract expired, indebted and denied student status, or cannot maintain legal stay in China. For unauthorized move-outs, the Office will vacate all personal belongings left in the room within one month.

Non-residents (Guests): The Hall is a dormitory instead of hotel and is not qualified to host foreigners other than registered dependents. All other foreigners and Chinese citizens are seemed as guests.

Open Time: 6AM to 11PM. Guests must leave before 11PM. No guest is allowed in between 11PM and 6AM. Residents who enter or go outside the Hall after 11PM must write down reasons for coming back late or leaving during the night and destinations at the doorkeeper’s.

Checking in: On arrival, each resident shall read and sign the Check-in Form and pay a ¥500/person deposit. Each resident receives a key (with kitchen card). Loss of room key must be reported to the Office, and 100 yuan is paid to the doorkeeper for a back-up key.  Giving possession to non-residents or other residents is forbidden, or the resident will be given a warning and the key will be confisticated. The room deposit is returned only on approved checking out. Standard: vacate personal belongings. 2. Return the key. 3. No loss or damage on provided room utilities.

Guest Policy: All visiting guests (non-residents of the Hall, including students who live on the other Campus) must register with valid ID (student ID/Chinese citizen ID/passport) at the doorkeeper’s before entering this hall. Non-residents shall not enter after 10PM and shall leave before 11PM and must NOT stay overnight. Any penalty or loss caused by the visitor shall be covered by the host.

Fire & Pulic Safety Policy: Only use kitchens for cooking. All forms of fire (smoking, burning incense, etc.) and dangerous utilities (high power heater, cooker, electrical carpet) are not allowed in the rooms. Water and electrical supply shall be turned off if the resident needs to leave room for a long time. All dangerous utilities shall be confisticated when detected, and will be returned to the student on checking-out.

Fire damages and lawsuits due to misuse or carelessness shall be shouldered by the resident who caused the fire. Residents shall not conduct activities that are illegal or endangering public security. For any reasonable suspicion of: non-residents staying overtime, theft, alcohol abuse, gambling, signs of fire, etc., the Room Management Staff shall knock at the door to check and even contact the Campus Security for inspection.

Activity: Residents must not conduct any commercial promotion, religious or political gathering in public places (corridor, classroom, gym, meeting room, etc.) within the Hall. Any social event for more than five people requires prior permission of the International Office, and shall finish by 10:30PM. Classrooms are closed at 10:30PM. Commercial posters, advertisements and pamphlets are not allowed into this hall. Residents may use the Bulletin for information sharing (second-hand, job opportunities, etc.), but may not scribble or damage other posters.

Repair Policy: Residents shall check the status of provided utilities on arrival and may fill out the Repair Application at the Property Management Office for any quality problem of the facilities and shall not throw things away or fix the problem themselves. If no quality problem is reported, those who damage or lose provided property or public belongings of the hall shall pay the cost of repair or replacement.

Hygiene Policy: Residents shall keep rooms and public areas clean and tidy. Shouting, playing loud music, dumping trash outside the trashcan, plumbing the water pipe, keeping pets, etc. are considered public disturbances and strictly forbidden.

Electricity: CPU provides each international student 2850 units/year electricity free of charge. Students shall pay for extra electricity. Students may ask the Property Management Office to read the electricity meter.

Public belongings: The kitchens, gym, washing rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms are for residents’ use only.

Moving to another campus or off-campus: The housing in Xuanwumen Campus is highly limited and reserved for PhD candidates and second year (and up) Master's candidates who carry out lab experiment on Xuanwumen Campus. All undergraduate students and Chinese Language Class students live at Jiangning Campus.

Before moving to a different campus, student shall fill and sign on the Application Form (available in Jiangning Office 107) and get permission from the International Office.

After the moving, student shall fill the Temporary Residence Form at the nearest police station.

All students shall live on-campus for the first year. Self-funded students who need to rent off-campus housing shall submit 1) a filled Application Form, 2) photocopy of lord/tenant contract, 3) photocopy of temporary residence form at the nearest police, to the International Office. CSC students shall not live off-campus.

During the summer vacation, between August 1 and 26, the hall does not host incoming students.

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Ambulance 120 Police 110 Fire 119
Telecom 10000 Directory Assistance 114
Doorkeeper 86185407 Campus Security 86185110 Clinic 86185510