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How to Arrive at CPU

Before your come

  • Prepare ID photos with light blue or white background color: eight one-inch photos and four two-inch photos.  

  • Get immunized: Hepatitis A&B and other immunizations required for international travelling.

  • Take some cash (about ¥1500) for the visa paperwork before the monthly stipend is issued. Self-funded students may use a credit card for the transfer of money, in order to pay tuition & fees in time.

  • Please do not carry a lot of cash with you.

  • To call from your country to China (e.g. Nanjing), you need to dial: 0086-25-the phone number.

  • China’s voltage is 220V. You may find some electrical wares, including cellphone, unusable in China. You may not be able to log on some social network websites upon arrival in China. Please back up your contact list, and keep contact with your family and friends through more than one telecommunication and online service.

  • Nanjing is cold in winter (below 0°C) and very hot (above 38°C) in summer, which makes the climate unpleasant for people from tropical areas. The university provides some bedclothes and air conditioning, but students may still need to prepare some winter clothes to meet their own needs, however, high power heaters are not allowed in university dorms.


  • From Nanjing Lukou international airport to Xuanwumen Campus: take airport shuttle downtown, and then take taxi to CPU. Show this to the driver: 中国药科大学 童家巷24号

  • From railway station to Xuanwumen Campus: take subway to Xuanwumen Station, and walk for about 5 minutes.

  • From Nanjing Lukou international airport to Jiangning campus: take airport shuttle to Nanjing south railway station and then take subway line 1 to CPU or just take a taxi. Show this to the taxi driver: 中国药科大学 南京市江宁区龙眠大道639号

  • From railway (south railway) station to Jiangning Campus: take subway line 1 Southwards to Jiangning campus and CPU is the terminal station.

  • From Xuanwumen to Jiangning Campus: take Subway Line 1 Southwards.

Notice: There are two kinds of Line 1: to Olympic Stadium and to CPU Jiangning Campus. If you take the Olympic line by mistake, you may switch at any stop before Andemen Station.