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Life Guidance

Open Time: 12:30-2PM, Monday-Friday.

  1. The card can be used for: on-campus cafeteria, grocery stores and library.

  2. The card can be recharged using human service or automatic recharge machine. Both at Campus Card Center.

A limited number of temporary cards are available at International Office 107, Jiangning Campus. Deposit: 20 Yuan. The temporary card can only be used for cafeteria and grocery and is valid for one year.


  1. CPU cafeteria provides rice, noodles, hotpots and fruits.

  2. Muslim food is provided in Xuanwumen Cafeteria 2F and Jiangning Cafeteria #2 3F.  

  3. People with special needs (allergy, etc.) must pay attention to the food ingredients.


The university hospital provides non-emergency outpatient treatment for all teachers and students on-campus.

The timetable for specialists can be seen in the hospital lobby.

International students need to pay for treatment and medicine first, keep the medical receipts, and then seek for reimbursement with their insurance companies.


  1. Even though Nanjing is one of the safest cities, in China, for your own safety, never walk alone in remote areas in dawn or evening.

  2. Carry your bag on stomach when taking bus or Metro. Do not put cellphone in your outfit/hip pocket.

  3. Do not offer residence for a stranger even if she/he claims to be a fellow countryman. That will put you and other residents in danger.

  4. The International Office will put all official notices on bulletin and website and send text message through 02583271423. Do not click on suspicious links. Do not answer or call back suspicious telephone calls (rings for only one second) in case of fraud.

Campus security number: 86185110. Police: 110.


The official website of Chinese railway: www.12306.cn

Be aware of Phishing and spoof sites when buying tickets online. If possible, make record of dialogue history between you and the seller.

The railway and airline timetables are available online at www.njstation.com and www.njiairport.com.

Chinese vehicles drive right-hand.

You may apply for a named IC card (for bus and Metro) at any Metro station with your passport.

You may find various map/transportation search tools such as Baidu Map, Mapbar, and Google Map online.

You will need a Driver’s License issued by Nanjing Vehicle Administrative Office (#68 Dong Fang Cheng Rd.) , in order to drive a car or ride a motorcycle in China.

Map Guidance for Nanjing Vehicle Administrative Office

Post Offices and Express

The EMS post office nearest to Xuanwumen Campus is the China Post at Shanxi Rd.

In Jiangning Campus, the EMS is located at 1F Simulation Pharmacy.

Campus Express (for package delivery or pick-up) can be found near Group F printing shop.

The receiver’s name and mobile phone number is required for a successful delivery.


Free monthly Map magazine(life info and yellow page of Nanjing) in English is provided in both campuses' International Hall reading room.

Friendly notice: To protect customer's rights, buyer may ask for a formal receipt from seller after purchasing, whether in stores or online.


Famous and free sites of interest in Nanjing: Xuanwu Lake (near Xuanwumen Campus), Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum (Purple Mountain area), Confucius Temple, Nanjing Musem, the City Walls of Ming Dynasty, Shitoucheng Park, etc. Show passport to get a free ticket.  

The International Office organizes at least one cultural tour each semester.

When students seek travel agencies, be selective: be sure to know about their qualifications, contract terms and conditions, route of visiting, and whether there are compulsory shopping.

Cultural Adaptation and Mental Health

International students may feel stressed over: a busy schedule of courses and labs, transportation between two campuses, different life style, peer competition, language learning, short-term financial difficulty and family issues. Openness to changes, strong interpersonal relationships, sports and outdoor activities, being informative, and good time management skills may help relieve stress, build up resilience and lead to academic success.

You may seek counseling services at Campus Mental Health Counseling Center, at the entrance of Graduate Student Hall, Jiangning Campus.

We wish every student successful and happy during their stay in China.